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Apr 18, 2001
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Posting this here instead of the media section of the forum for a big reason. I have done a lot of interviews with Cameron Steele before... countless at this point, but we have never sat down and really dove in to his past and his families history in the sport of off-road mainly because with a national radio show you have small windows of airtime and just can't go deep. Well with my new podcast Project Action I can, so below is an hour plus long interview with Cameron on his career, family's roots, and where we are headed as a sport collectively.

I have a massive amount of respect for what Cameron has done for our sport both in and out of the public's eye. He doesn't ask for much but I think collectively we owe him a debt of gratitude. If you have the time, I think it's worth the listen. His interview starts at the 26:00 minute mark give or take. My website, iTunes and PodcastOne links are below.

Jim Beaver's Project Action by PodcastOne on iTunes

The Cameron Steele Interview » The Down & Dirty Radio Show

Jim Beaver's Project Action