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We gonna be playin' in the dirt out in barstow this weekend :p Is anyone else going to be out there? We are camping at start finish. What's the weather been like lately out there?


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Hey Chris...We're going to be camping by start/finish Friday night then mark the course Saturday morning...then camp Saturday night and do the poker run on Sunday morning. We'll be sure and stop by and say hi! Did you know there's a poker run out there this weekend?
P.S. Don't forget to set your VCR to record the Primm race so you can make a copy for me!

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I heard from Slash-X that is one run this weekend.

btw poker runs are fun to drive a course at a more conservative speed for those among us that have the so-so prerunners...


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Yeah, Slash X, that's the one...actually TWO! I guess they're doing one Saturday and Sunday. If you're testing in the area or know someone who is pass the word along. I'm not sure if the poker run is going to be crossing the course or what but just in case we should all be extra, EXTRA careful.

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The Poker run is already marked, (We were told last weekend not to clean up the markings!)
It does share track parts we race on
Be carfull out there!


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Who is going up to Barstow this weekend?

What day you going up?

Saturday or Sunday poker run?


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Jen, I'll get primm for sure. Actually we were going to do the poker run but we got our 8 truck together (sort of) so we are going to do some testing. We will be out there fri. night until sat. night. Just look for a big silver excursion and the race truck is a bright blue F100. Anyone who's out there come on by and check out our ghetto racer.


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Hey Kritter I'm rolling out Sat morning and meeting 5 other guys riding bikes for the Poker Run.

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I was there last weekend with 170 of my friends. Weather was awesome. Beautiful desert. Have a great time.

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I was one of those 170, had a great time wether has beutiful, I woulder if anyone will miss all that white tape and arrows I picked up. ;)