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CAMS Suspends Super Trucks on Safety Grounds


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The Stadium Super Trucks series has been dropped from the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 support bill after CAMS suspended the category from racing on safety grounds.

Next month’s Gold Coast 600 was set to host the penultimate round of the series as a support class to Supercars, featuring on the bill alongside Porsche Carrera Cup Australia, SuperUtes and Aussie Racing Cars.

However, a CAMS spokesperson has confirmed to Speedcafe.com that the category has been suspended based on safety grounds and that discussions are ongoing with the category manager regarding its future in Australia.

While the racing has gone ahead largely without issue, this year’s round at Perth in May saw a wheel hit a spectator bridge crossing the track at Barbagallo Raceway, having been flung from one of the Super Trucks.


I believe this may be the incident in question



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I don't buy it's a safety deal. Talking to my Australian racing buddies, they think its a business decision. I'd understand if they wanted to mandate wheel tethers. But other than that I don't see how these are any different than a normal race car, from a safety perspective.


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I don't buy it's a safety deal. Talking to my Australian racing buddies, they think its a business decision. I'd understand if they wanted to mandate wheel tethers. But other than that I don't see how these are any different than a normal race car, from a safety perspective.

I have to agree with you Bryce. But the other looming question...
Kumho Tyre Australian V8 Touring Car Series 2018 championship has already been decided.

There must be some slimy backdoor rub and tugs going on down under for sure.

I wonder who from the Kumho Tyre Australian V8 Touring Car Series (which is the "unofficial" third tier feeder series to the SuperCars) has the dirt on CAMS.

They might have a field of 15 cars... BORING!!!
V8 Touring Cars optimistic of strong grid for GC600


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More news. Sounds like a legal storm is looming. I hope they can sort this out. Everyone that has ever watched SST loves it.

Stadium Super Trucks and CAMS are set to meet in court - SpeedCafe
The Victorian Supreme Court is set to hear the dispute between Stadium Super Trucks and the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS).

It will be the first time the unofficial third tier has raced on the Gold Coast.

CAMS refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Speedcafe.com.

Comment has been sought from Stadium Super Trucks series owner Robby Gordon.

The case is set to be heard at 1030 on Friday morning.


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Seems to me CAMS is not acting in Good Faith as required by Australian contract law. Why did CAMS never seek to resolve the issue with SST? Why did it take 2 months to inform SST of the suspension if the decision was made 3 days after the race? Why did SST only receive the incident report the DAY BEFORE the court case (ie Yesterday). There are too many unanswered questions.


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SST Strikes back with gut kick to CAMS!

Full Article: Stadium Super Trucks to race in Sydney next week

The Boost Mobile Stadium Super Trucks series will compete at Sydney Motorsport Park as part of the Australian Motor Racing Series (AMRS) program next week.

To be held over the October 26-28 weekend, it will come a week after the series was scheduled to compete as part of the supporting cast to the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship at the Vodafone Gold Coast 600.

SST was replaced on the bill by the Kumho Tyres Touring Car Series after CAMS suspended its Australian competition licence.

The AMRS is unaffiliated with CAMS, as it is run by the Benalla Auto Club-owned (BAC) Australian Auto Sport Alliance, and therefore can allow the category to compete.

“We are super excited to be able to give Australia what they want and that is for us to race,” said SST owner and competitor Robby Gordon.

“I want to thank Chris (Lewis-Williams, BAC CEO), Wayne (Williams, AMRS manager) and the team for asking us to come on board as part of the program, all of our sponsors and drivers are excited and looking forward to doing battle at the exciting Sydney Motorsport Park track.”

Williams hailed the addition of SST, which has not held an Australian round away from the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship since 2015, to the AMRS program.


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Had the trucks/equipment already being shipped to Australia?

Do they fly them (F1 style) or do they go on a ship?

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The burdensome realization of bad decisions by a few is broad and affects many.
The Article Title should read: CAMS Dumped A Truck Load Of BS And Gave SuperCars A Push Broom.

Supercars confident of GC600 product amid SST loss

Supercars confident of GC600 product amid SST loss - Speedcafe

Supercars has admitted the absence of Stadium Super Trucks is a loss from the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 but is confident in its product for this weekend.
The championship had hoped to have the Stadium Super Trucks (SST) on its support bill but has had to reorganise its schedule following the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport’s decision to ban the category on safety grounds.
Supercars has admitted that the Super Trucks, which featured on the Gold Coast in 2016, were a popular part of their event but is bound by the ruling issued by CAMS.
“The Stadium Super Trucks were super popular here on the Gold Coast and they are a great spectacle and we do love having them here so they are a loss. We think we have got a good product in the Kumho Series in their wake.”

“(a) That Supercars was ready, willing and able to honour the Performance Agreement by restoring the plaintiff’s races at the Gold Coast 600 Event if the suspension notice was lifted by the defendant;
“(b) That it would in fact be beneficial for Supercars if the plaintiff’s race was reinstated, given the replacement events had triggered cancellations, reduced ticket sales, and were of less interest to the general public; and
“(c) That Supercars was prepared to comply with any directives from either the FIA or the defendant requiring alterations to, among other things, the track, fencing and ramps used during the plaintiff’s races.”


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Stadium Super Trucks could return to Supercars events

With the green light from CAMS required for Stadium Super Trucks to compete at Adelaide, Motorsport.com understands that there will be conditions to having the ban lifted, including lower jumps than have been used in the past, and higher catch fencing.

CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca confirmed that positive talks with SST officials have been ongoing.

"Look we've always been clear about our expectations on what we would want to achieve in favour of a comeback," said Arocca.

"We didn't give them a permanent suspension, so we've been quite frank about saying that we've been in discussions with them and I would say they're fairly positive discussions about our expectations.