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CAMS Suspends Super Trucks on Safety Grounds


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Not much of an update, but things are looking up for SST return to Gold Coast with CAMS.

It was reported last week that Robbie Gordon’s Super Trucks were expected to return at the 2020 Superloop Adelaide 500, but it appears that series creator and driver Robby Gordon is pushing the series to make an Australian return this year according to 2017 Stadium Super Truck champion Paul Morris.



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Stadium Super Trucks set to return to Australia after motorsport governing body lifts ban

The door is wide open for Stadium Super Trucks to return to high-profile Australian events after the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport lifted the ban on the series.

The series was benched by CAMS following a scary incident in Perth last year after a wheel from one of the trucks hit a pedestrian bridge.

The ensuing drama saw the Supreme Court of Victoria uphold the ban put in place by CAMS in May 2018, after SST boss Robby Gordon filed an injunction when the series was scratched off the Gold Coast 600 schedule.

Stadium Super Trucks has Australia ban lifted after peace talks


The only appearance Super Trucks has made in Australia since the ban was at a non-CAMS sanctioned event in Sydney.

But recent speculation had suggested it could appear at next year's Adelaide 500 after talk of a peace deal between Gordon and CAMS.

A deal between Super Trucks and CAMS has now been brokered and a modified version of the series could return "as early as October 2019" as part of a three-year commercial rights deal.

"The leadership at CAMS has always wanted to see the Stadium Super Trucks in Australia and we are pleased to say that all of our safety concerns and related issues have been fully addressed and resolved," CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said.

"There's never been any doubt about the trucks' popularity here in Australia and after months of discussions we are pleased to say SST racing is able to resume under CAMS."

The category's Australian boss Nathan Cayzer added: "It is super exciting to be able to have SST return to racing in Australia under the CAMS banner.

"An enormous amount of work has gone on behind the scenes for both parties to get to this point.

"With this positive result, it is an overall win for all the supporters and motorsport fans of Australia."

The Super Trucks could make a return at this year's Gold Coast 600, as it is understood to be in the frame as a replacement for the struggling Australian GT series.

The modifications mandated by CAMS include the use of smaller jump ramps, a redesigned wheel tethering system and the introduction of a tethering system for body panels.

There will also be a fresh focus on driving standards, with a more traditional judicial process in place for in-race contact.