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can anyone id???


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i live in buena park, and i saw the most incredible looking nissan (honest) today. anybody got any info?? it was turning left in front of me, so i couldn't chase it down. it looked like the raceworks F150 when it was all white, but it was a damn HARDBODY. sounded very much like a big, nasty V8, not a 4 or 6. fully caged thru the bed, big aluminum fuel cell, 35 or maybe 37 inch tires, fold down light bar with 4 or 5 lites, and just plain awesome looking. anybody know who it belongs to, or seen it?? wow...kinda like a "trophy nissan," i swear. seen a block or so from Fantasy Muffler, maybe a connection?? i know the owner is into off road, maybe a friend???? anyone??????????


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I've seen that Nissan, too. It's white in color and fully caged from hood to spare tire carrier. When I was at Fantasy a few months back it cruised by. Steve might know who it belongs to as the name just escapes me. I was impressed with the quality of work because not many Nissans are fully built. At least in comparision to Fords, Chevys, and Toyotas.


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The White Nissan was Built by Spensor Low. Wayne Perry Bought it last Year Sometime.
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You can see it if you go to Spencer Low's website and look at the gallery of trucks. The pics rotate but you can hit stop in the bottom corner

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.spencerlowracing.com/gallery_nissan.html>http://www.spencerlowracing.com/gallery_nissan.html</A>

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