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Can I use a spring compressor on my coilovers?


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I just installed the Sway-a-way coilover kit on my truck and was wondering
if a strut spring compressor would help me out on adjusting the spring
preload nut. I figure that if I can compress the spring a couple inches, then
I can just turn the nut up by hand, lock it in place, then let the spring back down?
Has anyone done this?

The reason I want to use a spring compressor is that they don't yet make a tool
that fits my coilover nut, and using a pneumatic punch tool (with my hand) gets
extremely hard after the first 1" or so of cranking. Plus I don't want the hole in
the nut to get damaged if I use more leverage on the punch (via a pipe or similar).

Let me know what you guys use. Also, if you recommend a certain strut spring
compressor, please let me know where I can buy it, and how much I should pay
for it approximately. Thanks.


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i hope your not trying to ajust it while the truck is on the ground you have to jack it up to unload the spring tension, then if your still not happy change your spring rates dont drive the top collar down 10" just to get the ride height that you want, DONT USE A SPRING COMP.


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Whoa! NO WAY!

I would never try to crank that spring with the truck on the ground.
I'm talking about this collar is too hard to crank with the tires off,
truck up on jackstands, and all other shock bolts secured. Also I'm
not talking about getting a 10" lift from some $700 coilovers. I mean
the whole reason I spent the money on coilovers instead of a body
lift & some spacers is because I want my truck to ride better, not just
to be jacked up in the air. Thanks for your concern though. I'm looking
for maybe 2.5" of lift out of the supposed available 3.5", and right now
as tight as I can get it only lifted the truck 1.25" (all measurements
were taken after the suspension was broken in and settled).

I do appreciate your help. Thanks.


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I'm not sure why he's telling you not to use a coil spring compressor. We use them all the time. Just be careful not to damage the threads of the shock body with the clamps.
Also make sure the threads are cleaned and oiled or the right will lock up. Good luck.

Matt Nelson
Team Kwik Racing


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then all i can say is try harder the collars will stick after being on the truck awhile....i use coilspring comp. too when installing a regular coil but not on peoples expensive coilover shocks


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You didn't say but it sounds like your talking abut the Tacoma kit

It does take a lot of preload to lift the truck. The nuts are ment to be turned with a spanner wrench. You can get one from a tool distributor or a Sway-A-Way wrench will be available from the shock distributers in about 3 weeks


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Thanks for everyone's help. I did get the nut turned without
a spring compressor after all. Just got a non-tapered punch,
some WD-40, and some elbow grease. The truck sits nice now.
I still have about 3" of downtravel, and about 6-7" up. Good stuff
for just some new shocks. Now I can't wait to buy the extended
arms, rims & tires, gears & locker, rear shock towers, etc....
(it never stops, does it?)

By the way, the kit is on my Tundra. It's exactly like the Tacoma kit,
same price and everything. It's finally available through your local
SAW dealer. Camburg got me mine. Thanks guys.