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Canidae has a new pup !

B-Dub 1020

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Very nice my man. Ric we are trying to make PC but I'm moving on Fri the 30th. If all goes well me and the boys will throw the car on the trailer and come have fun.


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Go pat and rob!! Heard shes got a little more oomf with the ecotec compared to the vw!!!


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Yeah or go race with Craig where theres no competition and he's king sheet J/K Looks good RL
Sorry that where I choose to race doesnt match up to your high standards. We have a great time, there is ZERO drama and I spend less cash. Why dont you come down and see for yourself some time?

B-Dub 1020

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We are Craig just jackin ya up little, when I get some things straightened out and some free time we are gonna hit a code race. Hear they are awesome with no bs. Maybe we can get a group together

EVO Racing

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Craig we plan to race the Dec race with code. Its the one that starts in Mexicali and ends in San Felipe... Great race course every year and we can team up with B dub. Im sure if we plan it we could get a few 10s out there... What do you guys think?

At the end of the day, - and whatever happens. You end up in San Felipe!