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Canidae has a new pup !


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Craig we plan to race the Dec race with code. Its the one that starts in Mexicali and ends in San Felipe... Great race course every year and we can team up with B dub. Im sure if we plan it we could get a few 10s out there... What do you guys think?

At the end of the day, - and whatever happens. You end up in San Felipe!
I am still up in the air about my racing plans this year. I am either doing the HDRA 500 or the SCORE Baja 1000 and the one thing that is for sure I will be racing the RECORD Ensenada to San Felipe race Dec 14-16th. Yee and Mendez usually race this race too so it has the potential for good competition. What do you think about racing RECORD???

EVO Racing

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We've raced that record race a few times. its cool but like the code course better. Also like to stretch out the legs on the lake bed... But lets talk more about it...