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Car and Driver UTV review.....sorta.....so disappointed!


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I like me a little Car and Driver Magazine, especially when I'm in Discount Tire and waiting for my new tires to get mounted......and I have read many a review they did on a particular vehicle before buying one......but they obviously don't know their UTV's!

Check out this link....


First, what were they thinking, bunching up a TomCar, a Mule looking thing, a Rhino, and a RZR S?? Second, they aren't even testing them for what they do - they are just running them around in a field!

And to add insult to injury.....look at the comments they wrote regarding the Rhino being tippy! Maybe if they weren't driving these things like a-holes they could keep them on two wheels! Even the pic of the RZR S has it almost bicycling, and that's got long-travel!

Rediculous......apparently someone from Yamaha didn't like it either....read the comments. Veeery interesting!


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Car and Driver lost a reader in me for being tools about how they are portraying yamaha......


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I agree, Joey - they lost a reader here, too.....