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Having trouble finding new 30 picts here in So Cal. Any Idea where to find them or does anybody re-bush the throttle shafts? This area is new to me. Thanks in advance. .


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Look at http://www.rimcovw.com/misc.htm. This is the website for RIMCO, a division of Riddle Machine. Shows throttle shaft re-bush for $30. Good way to save a well used carb. Website also shows all of their different machine operations for VW as well as other makes. Their contact info is:

520 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, Ca 92707
(714) 549-0357

(800) 331-4775 - outside Calif.

(714) 549-0627 - Fax

When you call, ask for the VW shop.

Hope this helps,
Mike Hinson


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Contacted Rimco and am sending two carbs up there in the morning. $30 ea to re-bush my old carbs and 2-3 day turn around. Thanks again Mike!