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Carl Edwards...What?!?


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So he's "retired" at 37? What are the rumors of what he is going off to do? Just fishing? Gotta be more to the story...

Chris Tobin

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WOW, that is a huge surprise!!!! Maybe he wants to spend time with his family and enjoy the money he has earned... or maybe he had a blow up with Kyle and the JGR team and will sit out a year or so then come back later... Maybe he really doesn't like the look of the new Camry!!! OR just maybe FORD and RFR pulled out the checkbook to get Carl back behind the wheel of a Rousch Ford???

Crazy either way!!!

Chris Tobin

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Or, maybe he just realized he can't beat Jimmie so he is giving up!!! jajaja

Seriously though, I wonder if in prep for this new season someone at JGR put more blame and pressure on Carl for his wreck in the finale and he said, "Fine, you guys can do it better without me, do it without me..."

Blood Eagle

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Shocking really. Don't want to speculate but he keeps his private life pretty hush hush. Wish him the best. Always had fond memories of Cousin Carl. True gentleman with a fiery side that's mostly unknown. A PR dream. Ran across this video a couple years ago and laughed my ass off with how pretentious the announcers were towards NASCAR drivers and probably Americans in general.

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