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This has always been my favorite bereavement poem and i can just picture Casey saying these exact words . He wouldn't want us being all sad and mopey , he'd want us to celebrate the time he had and keep on racing .

Don't cry for me,
I will be okay.
Heaven is my home now,
and this is where I'll stay.
Don't cry for me,
I'm where I belong.
I want you to be happy
and try to stay strong.
Don't cry for me,
It was just my time.
But I will see you someday
on the other side.
Don't cry for me,
I am not alone.
The angels are with me
to welcome me home.
Don't cry for me,
for I have no fear.
All my pain is gone,
and Jesus took my tears.
Don't cry for me,
this is not the end.
I'll be waiting here for you,
when we meet again.

Chris Tobin

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Terrible news to hear.

David, thank you for the background information about Casey that some of us may not have known him as well as you.

As imperfect humans we are saddled with the overwhelming sorrow from the death of loved ones and friends. Personally, a very close family friend that helped me and my family when I was in the hospital for my lung infection died just last night. It is soooo hard for all of us, we were not made to cope with the loss of death. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses I wholeheartedly believe in the Bible's promise of a resurrection into paradise conditions here on the earth where we will be united with the friends and family we lost in death.

The following link offers much comfort from the bible for those experiencing the sting of death.

Can the Dead Really Live Again?

Again, it is terrible news to hear about Casey and I feel for his direct family as well as his extended BITD family. If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to ask.


I am bummed. We have lost so many in our racing family in the past months. So many!

Casey, race in peace brother. You were an icon, a leader, our mentor. God Bless you.

Diane and all at BITD, What can I do to help?


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He had a away of talking you into doing what you wanted too even when you were sacred out of your mind..When I first looked into racing, I met him and I had always thought there was no way I could ever do this crazy sport. Me being some young kid at the time, after sitting and talking to him for a bit. He made me a member of BITD and was getting me ready for my first MC race. I hadn't even had a bike yet and he had me signed up. It's the personal touches that made him so cool.. and you know his heart was in it for all of us. Yes he was a hard ass, but had to be so that we all do this crazy thing we did. Every time we see that sign, we will know you are watching out for us..Roost in Peace Amigo..

J Prich

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Pretty sure God has a great big finisher pin and a Booyah waiting for Casey.


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Casey, Thank You for all you did for the racing community. We will miss you Race in Peace. Booya!!


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Thank you Casey for all that you have done for me and the off-road community. You are an inspiration to all of us and you always challenged us to do more. Thanks for giving me many adventures over the years, and for your never ending energy and enthusiasm. You will be sorely missed.


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You will truly be missed Casey. My condolences to the family. Thank you for sharing him.
!!!Race on in the Heavens Casey!!!


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volunteering for BITD has been great thanks to Casey and crew. racing and having Casey hand me a finisher button was very humbling. im so glad I got to meet him thru out more than a decade. BOOYA!!!! much love to Folks family!


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The man had an incredible impact in my life, allowed me to live a dream and win a championship, I owe him so much. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his sons, Diane and the entire BITD family


Bdub 1020

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The man that made many men's dreams come true. Mine many many years ago was racing the Parker 400 and getting a pin or award. Myself and both my sons did just that. Thanks Casey. RIP brother off road racer.


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This sport was built on people like him.

Rest in peace and thanks for the memories.


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My Condolences go to his family the USA off racing has lost a legend of the sport that can't be replace. RIP Casey


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Terrible news.. He was maybe the most important person keeping american desert racing alive. Thanks for all you have done Casey, and best wishes to his family.