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My condolences to Diane, Casey's family and extended family. I started volunteering for Casey and BITD over 10 years ago. Although a small cog in the BITD machine, from day 1 Casey made us feel like we the most important people out there. No matter how busy or engaged Casey was, he would stop, shake my hand, and if family was in tow, Casey knew them by name. Casey had a great respect for his volunteers, and you didn't ever want to disappoint him. I had the privilege and honor to call him friend. I had my own medical problem this last weekend, and was really bummed that I didn't get the chance to shake Casey's hand 1 last time.

Diane, Donald and the rest of the BITD crew, be strong in knowing you have a ton of love and support out there. Via con dips Casey, God's speed.


In the last 5 years I have been to right about 200 races as a vendor (spread out over all the sanctioning bodies). What made BITD special was that it was the only series where I knew that the promoter himself would take the time to walk up to my (and all the other vendors) trailers to thank me for being there and shake my hand. This small gesture went a long way to cement with me that Casey was man of integrity and respect.

One time I asked him to call me a "whistle dick" and he paused and then he asked me, "Are you a whistle dick?"
"Sometimes I am."
"Well then, Thanks for being here and supporting Best in the Desert, Whistle dick."

I'm really gonna miss this guy. Just the fact he walked the earth made the world a better place.

RIP Mr Casey Folks. Godspeed to you and my condolences to your family.

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!....for giving me the opportunity to enjoy racing with my two oldest boys. When we started racing we were planning on racing in Mexico but when we were introduced to BITD and Casey we decided to go with them instead, so glad we did. Great organization and Great people!....No nonsense with Casey, he just told you how it was going to be and that was it. Diane you are a Gem! So sad for you and the rest of the BITD family. We will miss him!..... BOOYA! to you Casey!

Godspeed Casey and God Bless you Diane!


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What a massive loss to the off road racing community. Casey will be missed more than we ever know. He was the very foundation of our sport in the U.S.

The Skilton family treasure the 20 years we have raced with Casey and his team. Also he was a great supporter of the budget racers in Jeepspeed since day one. The Jeepspeed Association owe him a huge debt of gratitude

We thank Casey from the bottom of our hearts, and wish Dianne and the BITD Team all the best with the future continuation of Best in the Desert.


There are very few that have the drive, tenaciousness, and passion for the sport of desert racing. He can be caring one minute and jumping your behind the next. But in the end he would always send you off with a hand shake and good luck at the start and good job at the finish. Casey, you will be dearly missed my friend. The rest of us can only hope to have the strength he had. God Bless you Casey!!


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RIP Casey.........your legacy will live on!!!

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I will NEVER EVER forget my first (driving) race in 2001... he comes up to us (like he did at every race, to every racer) and reaches through the safety net to shake MY hand, then same to Chris Curtis... and says something wise like "have fun and be safe, see you back here in a few hours". I don't remember the exact words, but it gave me chills and all my jitters went away. Thanks for the many memories and opportunities to race Casey! You will be missed by so many, but by Diane most of all, I expect. I am so glad my dad kept his 2001 Tonopah 300 shirt in such great shape. I wore mine out, but will cherish them all even more now.

I hope Casey, my dad, and all the other lost bikers have an epic ride and party on the other side.

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Dammit Casey. Why would your last earthly lesson to me have to be that I am one of those ignorant fools that think they have all the time in the world to let certain people know how important they've been to me. Thank You. I'm going to call my father now. I know you have a lot of hands to shake, but I imagine you'll eventually come across Patton with both of you thinking, "Ain't this a helluva thing."