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Well I finally have all my components of my new exhaust and have a few questions.
What are most of you doing when installing a new catalytic converter and muffler/tailpipe. All my components are 2.5" mandrel bent. The tailpipe and muffler slip together nicely, but the cat is the exact diameter as the muffler= no slip fit?!
Hopefully some folks on here have run into the same situattion and have suggestions??

I'm just wondering if most folks take their cats to a muffler shop and get the cat ends opened(flared larger) up to accomadate the muffler so they slip together or?

Im wondering what a shop would charge for this "quick mod" as I dont deal with any shops for exhaust work?
I'm not welding the system its going to be clamped for ease of removal so thats not an option.

My old cat took a dump and so did the Dynomax ST muffler that was on there, thus the reason for the new cat & back . The new system is from Mike Leach Performance who makes all the Mopar Performance exhausts. Their out of Orange ,CA.

thanks for any suggestions ahead of time.


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Have them weld a flange to the cat and tho the tube so you can bolt it together jsut like factory or have the pipe reamed to accept the mating pipe. I personally dont care much for the slip fit. I ahve that on my Borla headers cross pipe and I finally had them weld it up because it always had a leak.


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Clamp fittings are an invitation for leaks. Having everything flanged is an easy way to have everything removable at home.

I would think that if all you wanted to do is have the the cat "popped up" which is what we call it at our shop, to have tubing slide inside it, you could give the guy at the shop $5 and that would be the end of it.

From a sealing point of view, having everything welded would be the ticket, but its a bummer anytime you need to remove the exhaust, and not have a welder at your disposal.

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