Caution Fraud! Brown Motorsports Trailer


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Jan 10, 2015
Vancouver WA
I hate to post this kinda stuff but I don't want to see anybody else become a victim.
Do not buy a trailer from Brown Motorsports they will take your money and not deliver a single thing! This business is obviously in the toilet and going down. Brian comes across as a nice guy but careful he will screw you with a smile on his face! We ordered a 28' custom trailer in June of 2014 and put down a deposit of 17000.00 for a 35,000.00+ trailer. Brian committed to having it finished by September 2014 for the sand sports show in Anaheim CA, by the time this date came we learned Brian hadn't even started the trailer that he had promised us to pick up at the show! He then committed to having it done in three weeks and every 3 weeks after that until now.

Our phone calls and emails are now going unanswered over the last couple months and here we are at the start of the following year and after numerous unfulfilled promises from Brian, we have no trailer and we are out 17k which we now will be forced to pursue legal action against Browns Motorsports / Cargo Tek. Brian Brown to recover. We were totally cool to this guy but he is full of crap, he will tell you anything you want to hear in order to get your deposit that he will run with! Unless you want to get screwed, I would look elsewhere for a custom built trailer. If you have also been taken by this company please comment and / or message me if you would like to be included in the lawsuit and criminal fraud charges against him.