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CBD Press release


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Here is a press release from our dear friends at the CBD; Daniel Patterson is never far from the center of these things. Read on....

Center for Biological Diversity
Protecting endangered species and wild places through
science, policy, education, and environmental law.

But BLM and off-road lobby fighting smart conservation rule from State OHV Commission

NEWS RELEASE: for immediate release February 1, 2006

Daniel R. Patterson, Desert Ecologist, Center for Biological Diversity, 760.366.2232 ext. 306 or 520.906.2159
Karen Schambach, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility 530.333.1106

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The State of California moved recently with a new policy to protect critically endangered desert streams, which are essential to the desert web of life and have declined by over 90 percent in California. The California Off-Highway Vehicle Commission (OHV Commission) wisely passed this policy in December: Because desert riparian areas are very important for wildlife, water quality, and non-motorized recreation, and California has already lost over 90 percent of our desert riparian areas, Desert riparian lands should be conserved and restored, and protected in their natural state. ORV recreation should not be expanded, encouraged, or maintained in fragile desert riparian landscapes. It is the policy of the Commission that absent extraordinary and demonstrable need, it will not fund or support any grants or cooperative agreements which will directly or indirectly encourage, increase, or maintain off-road vehicle use in or through the bed, bank, or channel of any existing desert riparian botanical area. The Commission shall maintain a list of priority Desert Riparian lands and shall evaluate the list at least every five years to maintain the integrity of these protected areas. The Division shall not solicit or approve any grant or cooperative agreement which will develop or reestablish OHV use in a desert riparian area unless exempted from this policy by noticed vote of the Commission. http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=24182

Showing no support for state control, the Bush Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is currently trying to open fragile desert streams to off-road excess in places like the White Mountains and Death Valley National Park, responded with a recent letter to the State from BLM California Director Mike Pool opposing and resisting the desert riparian areas policy.

"California acted in the public-interest to protect the few remaining desert streams, but BLM and off-road lobbyists are unethically fighting it," said Daniel R. Patterson, Desert Ecologist with the Center who formerly worked with BLM in the California Desert Conservation Area. "Nature and society need healthy desert streams. Mud bogging and winching ORVs up waterfalls in rare desert streams isn't access, it is destructive excess and California is wise to not support it."

California Senators Feinstein and Boxer recently told the BLM and the National Park Service they support keeping off-road vehicles out of a scenic desert stream at Surprise Canyon in Inyo County. Surprise Canyon slideshow: http://www.endangeredearth.org/slideshows/SURPRISE/index.htm .

“Desert springs and streams provide extraordinary and irreplaceable wildlife habitat. The OHV Commission should be applauded for taking this action to protect desert riparian areas, and BLM should be ashamed for attempting to obstruct this protection,” said Karen Schambach, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility’s California Director.

“BLM first criticizes the State for not defining policy terms and then for listing desert streams in need of protection. There is no better definition than a list,” said Elden Hughes, Co-Chair of the Sierra Club’s California Desert Committee. “Citizens welcome the Commission’s initiative to conserve and restore desert riparian areas.”

“Protecting our desert streams is vital to the survival of wildlife, quality of life, and responsible recreation. Our state funds should not be used to in any way subsidize further destruction or degradation of our desert streams. We applaud the California Off-Highway Vehicle Commission for acting to protect these national treasures for future generations,” said Cynthia Wilkerson, California Representative for Defenders of Wildlife.




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Notice how they always "quote" the same ecoterroritsts over and over and over again... never anyone credible either from the BLM, USFS or any other government official who doesn't have a personal agenda...


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Jamie' I have been following Mr. Pertersons CBD rants for years and have noticed the same group involved with all the talk. Don't we have term limits for Boxer and Fienstien? I love when he sends letters to the Imperial Valley Press editorial page, we destroy him.

Ron Plunkett


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Ron, here is what I found and everyone in California needs to pay attention and get out there and VOTE this November 2006... The Dirt Nation really needs to do their homework on the proposed ballotees to ensure that we DO NOT end up with another Feinstein/Boxer in these appointments... This could be our chance to get rid of 2 of the most Green, unfair, biased and corrupt legistators out of the Senate!!!!


U.S. Senate 6 year term. No Term Limit. 109th Senate Senate Electoral Classes


Class 1 Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein
• First elected to finish out the term in a Special Election: 1992 [held to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator Pete Wilson (Republican): 7 January 1991- which John Seymour (Republican) had been appointed by Governor Pete Wilson (Republican) to fill, 10 January 1991];
Elected to full term: 1994; re-elected 2000
• Seat up for election: Tuesday 7 November 2006


Class 3 Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer
• First elected: 1992; re-elected: 1998, 2004
[also served in U.S. House- elected: 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990]
• Seat up for election: Tuesday 2 November 2010