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CBD push


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Just real quick, for those who have not visited the "Save the Desert" threads here lately, please go to the CBD push thread, read the letter posted from Paige, and send out some e-mails. It only takes a minute to do, and our voices need to be heard on this issue! Thanks to Paige and Martin for the heads up, and thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to help by sending your e-mails and letters.



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So far there have only been about 15 replies to the CBD post on the Save the Desert forum. Where are all the people that say they love off road racing, either spectating or participating. This is a critical and vital issue to all who love to spectate or race in Barstow and Lucerne. Get those emails sent out to your representatives. Paige has made it very easy to do. Just click on the url and it takes only a few minutes. If Boxer gets her way, you won't have any races to go to. All you will be able to do out there is watch the turtles.