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CBS Sports / Baja 1000


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Awesome job with the Baja 1000 coverage . Please continue covering all the races and keep up the good work .


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A really thorough show, lots of classes, start to finish. They didn't ignore the night racing and managed to maintain good interest levels in multiple classes. Sure, the Trophy Trucks got most of the attention, but they are the premier class that draws the most interest from fans who don't frequent websites like Race Dez.

I hope SCORE continues this kind of improvement in all their products.


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A little bias, but my wife and son did a really good job...

Also, SCORE, CBS, and Cam did a great job. 2 hours of Baja off road racing. It don't get any better than that.

Zac Reish

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I thought it was done real well. The ratio of action commentary and a little education was great.

The best footage by far and away was the in car at night with Andy driving. That was intense. The worse footage by far was when the helicopter when miles high in the air it seemed and it just looked like a car rolling down a dirt road. Liked the motorcycle footage a lot too.

The best show I have seen and enjoyed every second.

I'd say they are into aomething

Big Hock

They finally got it right. Many classes covered, and race status updated periodically to show that it's an ongoing race rather than a story. Great show.


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Is there any where/way to catch a recording of this if we missed it?

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All of the SCORE races have been re playing on a pretty regular basis on the CBS Sports Network. The 1000 replayed yesterday morning. It will be on again.


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Some of us dont have cbs sports. Does anybody know if it can be seen online anywhere? I checked you tube, but I just found the trailer and such.


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I missed it Sunday not wanting to leave the house and go sit in a bar to watch it in Cabo.
I searched high and low in my internet TV and no sources to stream it ever. CBS Sports Network has done a great go of keeping content exclusive. BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus, I dont have it on DirecTV online either.

With that said someone upload it... I havent seen any this year. Just the Baja Sur race.


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I can't find anyone in L.A. that subscribes to that premium package.... Will it ever be on Antenna??? Broadcast TV???


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I have directv and have searched, anyone have the title of the show? Next showing on cbs sports?