Cell Phone Coverage - V2R ?


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For folks who have raced V2R in the past - What kind of cell coverage can we expect on the V2R course ?

I'm guessing spotty but what has been people's typical experience in the areas of the pits ? 50% of the time, 20% of the time ?

Just curious -


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I'm expecting my Verizon to work in areas that others do not. As I remeber (been a few years) most should be good until day three, once we get to the mountain areas it will be spotty.

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Verizon,,,,,,,,,,,, Can you hear me now? YUP sure can. We found it works where a lot of other carriers don't..
What coverage? We run Nextel which doesn't have the best coverage unless you are in Mexico. The direct connect works great down there. Vegas to Reno we had no coverage until we left Rawhide and started heading towards Fallon (we were not in Hawthorne last year). Then all was good to the finish. There are cell towers in Tonopah, although I don't know who the service provider is. Hopefully Nextel has one there this year. I don't think we had coverage there last year. I was just in Hawthorne a week ago and had service. There's a lot of mountains so race radios are hit and miss unless you can relay through another chase crew or BITD. The SAT phone worked the best.


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We had Verizon last year. The phone service was spotty, but found we could text alot more places than we could actually make a phone call.


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Last year didn't have any with ATT! Switched to Verizon for customer service reasons, hopefully that is better. Communication was a nightmare last year!