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Center for Biodiversity Open House


From the "Landuse" mail list at ORC. This is a good opportunity for all of you in SOCal to vent your anger against these clowns whom sue to close land at the drop of a hat. I don't think there are any races that weekend!

Jim,to you and all our friends in C.O.R.V.A.,This is an alert!!!!! The
CALIFORNIA.!!!!!! That's right. They are no longer just an Arizona based
orginization. They have moved into So. Cal. knowing they have support from
the folks over in Hollywierd. Why Idyllwild? Because it is ripe for the
pickin'. We have already had one river shutdown due to the Mountain Yellow
Legged Frog and more closures are eminent!!! We KNOW that there will be a
lawsuit soon concerning the Spotted Owl. There are many more to come!!! More
road and trail closures are on their laundry list. More endangered species
to be listed and sued over. More wilderness areas to be declared, such as
Rouse Ridge, a favorite of jeep clubs, hunters and bicyclers. NOW is also
the perfect time for us to let our representatives and local communities
know OUR STANCE on these interlopers!!!!! The SOUTHWEST CENTER FOR
BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY is planning an open house on August 18 and 19 2001 in
Fern Valey, just above Idyllwild. I THINK WE SHOULD ALL ATTEND!!!!!!!!! I am
urging all off roaders, all motorcycle riders all equestrians all people who
share our belief that public lands are for THE PUBLIC, to join us on August
the 18th at 7:30 A.M. in protest to the arrival of the SOUTHEWEST CENTER FOR
BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY in Southern California!!!!!! Come join THE MOUNTAIN
COALITION with jeeps, motorcycles, horses, bikes, kids & family, and lot's
of protest signs and let these people know what we think!!!!! We would like
to invite those who come out on Saturday, to be our guests at a bbq in
beautiful Garner Valley that afternoon, so we can all get more aquainted and
combine our efforts in the future. Please email to everyone you know!!!!!
RSVP to:
wmichaelthomas@earthlink.net"]wmichaelthomas@earthlink.net[/url]. I look forward to seeing HUNDREDS if not
THOUSANDS of public land users in Idyllwild to give a welcome to these
people that THEY WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Michael Thomas, President, Mountain Coalition



Adress for Center for Biodiversity Open House

Here is the Address

the address is 54900 Pine Crest,nearest crossroad is North Circle, zip
code 92549