central, northern NV spots


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anybody know of some good spots to do some offroading in NV near or around carson city, other than the famous sand mountain, looking for some good nice trails to make my weekend trip worth while...

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Go ut to Weeks. That is where VORRA used to run most of the desert races out of. Very hard to find. Go east from Carson City to the 95A. Go south over the bridge and take the dirt road on your left. That is Weeks. Used to be a Pony Express Horse swapping spot. When we used to prerun up there, every once in a while we would crest a hill and come across a herd of wild mustangs that were descendents of the pony express horese let loose when they stopped carrying mail that way. Very cool to see. I think there are still a few running loose up there, but the BLM is trying to end the wild horses in the U.S. Weeks was the actual finish of the first Frontier 500
There are also some nice trails that run from Virginia City to the east and down towards hwy 50. The Old Virginia City 200 courses and I believe at least 1 of the Frontier 500 courses went through there.

Good Luck!

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