Chad Leising Takes The Win In SuperLite at Round 4 of Lucas Oil Off Road Racing


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Orange County, CA (May 14, 2009)

Chad Leising Takes The Win In SuperLite at Round 4 of Lucas Oil Off Road Racing​

Lucas Oil Off Road Series held Arizona’s first major short course event at Speed World Motorsports Facility in Surprise, AZ. Rounds 3 & 4 of LOORS, brought two full days of sold out crowds to catch the exciting wheel to wheel action that took place over the weekend. Dan Matthews, owner of Speed World, and his team created an ideal short course venue while creating a fan friendly atmosphere complete with open pits and plenty of interaction with the racers.

The SuperLite Championship has quickly become the division that features some of the fiercest battles and wheel to wheel carnage within the Lucas Oil Off Road Series. During the recent Rounds 3 & 4 that took place May 2nd & 3rd, Chad Leising emerged as a strong competitor, once again placing the Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group backed SuperLite on the podium and challenging for the win at each event.

Tony Talbert, General Tire’s Light Truck Product Manager, joined Leising as a guest co pilot. Tony was instrumental in monitoring the cockpit gauges, relaying information to the spotter, and keeping an eye out for dangerous hazards, while Chad focused on the task at hand. Being able to experience the insane wheel to wheel excitement first hand was quite exhilarating as Chad energized the crowd and impressed many by fighting off the dominant Speed Technologies threesome of John Harrah, Johnny Harrah and Chuck Dempsey who are some of the divisions top competitors.

Chad Leising’s #17 SuperLite suffered from major engine failure while in staging for Fridays practice, eliminating any opportunity for decent seat time on the new track. SuperLite Crew members Blake Wilkey and Brett Ferguson tore into the truck pulling the Mazda 13B Rotary Engine for motor specialist, Craig Stevens to begin an all-night rebuild. Working till 4:00am the next morning the 3 finally had the #17 SuperLite back together and headed to the hotel for a short nap. About 9:00am and back at the PMG pits, Craig had the motor fired up for the first time running loud and smooth like a Rotary motor should.

Saturday Round #3
Failing to qualify on Friday, Chad Started at the back of the grid. The strategy called for an easy consistent start while letting his competitors make mistakes and take themselves out of contention. On lap 1 Leising pilots the #17 SuperLite through the field as #18 rolls in the moguls and again avoids more carnage down the front stretch. On Lap 2, Chad passes two more SuperLites in Turn 6 and moves into 4th place. By this time, the Speed Technologies Father/Son duo had taken over the lead positions and checked out from the rest of the field. On Lap 6, Chad engaged Chick Dempsey for 3rd and eventually got around him. The Competition Yellow comes out and packs the SuperLites up nice and tight. During the restart the #9 in 2nd place spun out, Chad quickly takes advantage and moves in while the rest of the field struggles for position. The track freshly watered down is becoming a bit greasy and Chad mistakenly gets loose resulting in a complete spin out dropping him back down to last place. On the same lap the #20 of Joey Granatelli threw his SuperLite into the moguls “lawn dart” style resulting in a brutal wreck that Red Flagged the race. The #17 at this point was having heating issues. During the Green/White/Checkered Restart, SuperLite Rookie & UTV Superstar, Cory Weller makes contact with Leising as they are both flying off the big finish line jump. Luckily, Cory stayed pinned into the side of Chad sending him all the way around instead of a barrel roll, which likely would have happened if he had caught in an edge. Chad, fortunate to have finished at all, earned a respectable 5th place and gained 42 valuable championship points.

Sunday Round 5
A two row inversion made the start of Round 4 quite interesting. David Reyes and John Harrah led the SuperLites off the Green Flag. Chad caught an awesome start, and pulls Brandon Bailey through Turn 1.Harrah moves into the lead while Reyes spins his #77 out. Chad than tucks his Rockstar SuperLite right into 2nd place while the rest of the competitors tangled up coming through Turn 5. Leising pushes the #17 hard to close the gap on Harrah and finally catching him on Lap 4. The back straight away allows Chad to pass for 1st and pull away with the lead. A reckless spin causes a full coarse caution and ends a 15 + car cushion over 2nd. The LOORS officials declare Competition Yellow. On the restart Wheller spins out again but Brandon Bailey knocks her back in line. Leising got off to another great start and was running the fastest lap times with plenty of clean air. Harrah manages to close in on Chad’s PMG SuperLite dropping inside of Turn 5 and robbing 1st place back. Chad, hungry for the win, fires back passing high and regains the lead.The white flag comes out, and Dempsey out of nowhere, runs up along side of the #17 in an attempt to stake his claim for a victory, makes contact with Leising. Chad somehow gets the upper hand and defends his lead leaving Dempsey to battle with Harrah. Chad pulls away and takes his first win of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series in a very exciting finish.

Chad Leising, the reigning 2008 SuperLite Champion spoke on the podium about his new Team Partnership with Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group and graciously thanked everyone involved. “It really means a lot to me to have won this race,’’ Chad exclaimed, “with the support from PMG Racing this is just the first of many victories for the Rockstar Hart and Huntington Team. We are going for the Bully Dog SuperLite Championship.”

After achieving the 1st place finish, Chad solidified his short course skills and established to the SuperLite Series and Racers that he will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the rest of the season. Looking forward to the next Round of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series, Leising and the #17 Rockstar Hart and Huntington SuperLite are tied for 2nd overall against Johnny Harrah at 184 points trailing John Harrah at 191 points. It will be no easy task competing against the Speed Technologies powerhouse, who also happens to be the organizing force that is developing the series. Chad however, is confident that with Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group backing his 2009 program he will be consistent and fighting for the win.

The SuperLite Championship will run at each and every round of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series during the 2009 schedule. Each SuperLite Championship Event will be featured in its own TV show on the Outdoor Channel covering the races and drivers competing in the SuperLite Championship.

For more information on the Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group please contact:
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