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Chain Video??


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A chain video was started about a year ago. I was wondering where it is? I would like to see the finished product. Gabe I think you were the last person I knew who had it. Anyone have info on its whereabouts???????

I think I might have been the last one that had it. It had to have been at least 6 -8 months ago. I put part of the video I made on CD to give out at the 2000 Laughlin race on the chain video. Hey, there were only about 10 of those CD's I wonder if they are still floating around somewhere. Could be worth something someday :) yeah right....

I am curious to see if that chain video will come out also. I sent it back about a week or two after I got it.

Nope, that's not the one Steve. But they have some good pictures on their site...


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i was wondering about it also. i had the old mickey thompsons offroad warriors stuff that i gave to the scribbler from the inception. what happened to the tape? scribbler-any word? martin

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Funny you should ask Tigger...I just recently put some of the footage from the chain video on a tape I was making for someone (it should be there any day Chris!!!) and was wondering what had ever happened to the finished product. Martin...you're in the Flemings' nexk of the woods aren't you? Can you get an update for us?
P.s> Who was the screamer in the first part of that video???? Martin??? Hehehe just kidding.

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- users no longer part of the rdc family -
Jen, the screamer is the scribblers wife.. I guess she really digs them red trucks!