Chase Motorsports 195 Chili Cook Off race recap


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We had a great weekend. Arrived late thursday night in Lucerne to a cool high 80's low 90's temp. We set up shop and b.s.'d about the day tomorrow. Friday morning comes around and Pops and I hit the trail early hoping to get as many laps as we could before tech. We head out on a 50% lap to get familiar with the course. This is my first time racing in Lucerne. Everything goes great so my navigator Big Jeff jumps in with me and we do another loop to mark up the GPS. Everything is going great until MM29ish in the wash. I brake for a corner and the roof rack comes flying off the top of the car and lands on the hood. All the mounts broke clean off. Luckily that was the only mishap we had the entire weekend.

Raceday. I'm starting the race with my dad, Don, scheduled to jump in after 3. Car is working great and everything seems to be dialed so my nerves are at ease. We suit up while our crew checks and puts the finishing touches on the car. Jeff and I go over a few key notes and we jump in. As we pulled to the line Ron signals us to pull forward. I tell him I'm scheduled to start in the number two spot. Apparently Alex didn't show so I'm first off the line. Thats when my heart rate shoots through the roof! Nerves, what are those, what I'm experienceing is way worse than a case of butterfly's. The next 10 minutes are the longest 10 minutes of my life. I try to calm my self down by time the flag droped. As I get the 30 second signal from Bill I put on my game face and got in the zone. By time my crew gave me the first split time from MM4 I was in my groove and felt good. I ran fast lap of the race on my first lap and was blazing off onto my second. Ran a clean second and was on my way to a clean third when I got the call from main. Pops, "Hey, Jamie (My dads co and my brother in-law) and I were thinking and wanted to know if you wanted to stay out. You think about it and let us know." Me, "Can I answer now? YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!" Jeff and I couldn't beleive it! What was I going to I don't think so. Every lap I seemed to pick up a minute on Ron #119. I had already gone through MM21ish when I got the call that #119 had pulled into a pit and Mike #135 was now running second. At that time I had around 3 minutes on second but was sputtering on fuel. I took it easy making sure I made it to the pit. I pull in heading out on 4 and had an amazing pit. In and out in less than a minute with 30 gallons of F&L fuel and a complete once over on the car. 4 was another clean lap (there seems to be a pattern here). 5 even better. 6th lap we decided not to cut it so close on fuel so I came in for a 6 gallon splash. Skip "the fuel man" Johnson brought his A game and had us in and out in 20 seconds! Thats with the wives dumping water on us to cool us off. I was in absolute safe mode, I did not want to throw this thing away. I was in a conservative haul azz mode, what ever that means. It was a 100+ in the straights, do 40- in the rough. The last thing I wanted was a problem. Comeing into midway on the last lap I got report that I had a huge lead. I backed it way down and cruised it to the teams 1st over-all victory, and my first personal win in a car. Not to shabby for my first year in a 1 car.

This team is growing and getting better every race. I want to throw a HUGE thanks to my Dad. Without him I wouldn't even have this opportunity. Thanks to my Mom and Wife for letting the race shop consume us and still having positive attitudes about it. Big thanks to my brother-in-law Jamie for giving up his spot so Jeff could stay in the car with me and have a quick pit. Thanks to the crew! These guys are 100% voluntary. They help in the race shop 2 nights a week and pull long hours out in the desert as well. We wouldn't have a team if it weren't for them! Thanks to Goodyear, this is the second race in a row with no flats, Ryan @ TCS for his awesome service and quick turn around, Brian @ Ultimate Customs for a motor that didn't miss a beat, Jeff @ McKenzies for his suspension setup, Sam @ Rancho, Brett @ King Shocks, Eric @ ES Motorsports, Clint @ PWR, Scott @ PCI, Sol Tek, F&L Fuels, J&M Contractors, Muir-Chase Plumbing, Astro Plumbing Supply, Inter Cooler. All these people helped us get to where we are today. Thanks.


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You guys looked great all day. You can definately tell you have stepped up your program. Congrats on your well deserved win.