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Chase truck return driver?


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I may be bringing one more chase truck down this year than I'll be able to drive back due do crewmembers who will need to fly home right after the race. Any chance there is a volunteer out there who might want to earn a few bucks on the way back by driving one of my trucks home to San Diego?

Alternatively, does anyone have info on perhaps an empty flatbed or other shipping method? I could arrange to have them drop it in Ensenada (Manadero).


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Did I hear you say you need 2 more chase crew to help during the race , eat your food , drink your booze and then drive your rig home for free ????


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Sorry, I don't browse vintage too much.

Do you still need help? We might have an extra crew member that can wheel it home, or I can swap seats and drive it myself. We will be in a small group (caravan) already with our teams, possibly home by Saturday night, if not Sunday.