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Chasing B.J. Baldwin ((Raw Footage))

T Pacheco

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I agree on having more video without the music.
My first ride in a bird was over this course at the BWDC in 2012 while Tuba was filming Lofton, Childress and Gordon. I think I like watching the video a little more as there was no vomiting involved. With the right pilot, it's amazing how many directions a helicopter can go at the same time.


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That was better then midget porn. Wish a lot more vids were like that.


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That was awesome. Love the raw footage with no music...


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All I can say is you killed it Tuba! Hands down the most edge of my seat, get more coffee and rewind it again and again and again......Another "NO MUSIC FAN" here. The raw motor is awsome and my second favorite is inside the helmet talk!
Thank you!