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Cheap Paddles? 33x15 Paddles on 5,000 lb truck?


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Hey, I found some cheap paddle tires on wheels that will bolt right on my truck but are a little on the small side. There are 2x 33x15 paddle tires on wheels and 2x 33x20 paddle tires that I think I can get for about $350. The problem is they are 3 hours away.

Is it worth the drive or is running that small diameter tire a fools errand on such a heavy truck?

Here is the ad:
Paddle Tires, Bronco and Jeep

Ol' Curmudgeon

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What kind of hp do you have? What's your rear end ratio?

Ol' Curmudgeon

RDC's resident crackpot
This is for the '79? 2WD SWB? What suspension/body mods? Will these fit width-wise with whatever bed/sides you have?

Looking at the STU description, they're talking big bite for this tire, 33" tall on 18" wide rim. I don't think they are too small, you might even need another 50-75 hp!

Kinda shoots a whole day to go get 'em though. :(

Make sure you want 'em before you invest in that drive, 'cuz you're going to want 'em more after you get there. ;)

(Note: I've only driven in the Oregon Dunes once, found traction better than a dry day at Gordon's Well)


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Correct, they will go on the 79. Rear is long travel 4 link. Only original body is the cab, but I will pull the bedsides when running paddles.

When wet, traction is great at the Oregon coast. My truck is a pig though and most of the weight is up front unfortunately.

I just got up here to see them, fingers crossed!

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