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El Chinero

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Is this the Foutz unit?


Tony T
El Chismoso

Gabe Lara

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Nope. Foutz's 7 is a different design, and A-arms up front. He's a BFG guy too....
Is this something Newhan is building, JB?

John Bitting

No Newhan and No Foutz. It is Jason Jernigan's new 7 open truck.. We will post more pics as soon as the body is painted. It is going to look very good...


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As far as I know Newhan is just building Bob Gall(sp) another truck out of his garage shop.
I dont know if it's another Ranger or fullsize. Im sure it will show up in OffRoad magazine when its ready.
Whos building this truck?

Theres was a really cool J-Arm Ranger with Chevy V8 power at the ORW / Fud/ CODE drawing this past Saturday at ORW Escondildo . Built by Currey-Fab out of Ensenada. Very clean and setup nicely.
Also the Protruck of EJR racing <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.ejrracing.com/>http://www.ejrracing.com/</A> and Chuck Hoveys new "1" car.


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Curry Fab is not in Ensenada he is in Mexicali and I believe Robert Wagner aka "stinky" did most of Jasons truck.

John Bitting

MOTOR : 98 explorer 4.0 sohc built up with custom
fuel injection by Steve Dose..


REAREND : 40 spline axles Cone full floater ford 9"

SUSPENSION: 21" of travel on i beams with 1 2.5"
coilover and 1 3" 6 tube bypass on each side

SUSPENSION: 37" of travel on 4 link set up with 1 3"
coilover and 1 3" 6 tube bypass per side
(shocks built by Ryerson Race Shocks)

Sorry about the black and white photos I will work on them.. I have a bunch now thanks to Jason..


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
If you ever happen to see this truck up close check out the quality of the welds on it. Robert has a reputation for being one of the finest tig welders out there.


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37" of travel with frame rails
nothing short of amazing

its not speeding unless its a triple digit


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The motor from the Explorer is a SOHC not DOHC. Ford doesnt make a DOHC that I know of for the trucks, and for sure not in the Explorer.

I own a SOHC 97 Explorer.
205 HP stock