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John Bitting

Got this out of the classifieds. Sounds like someone got there nice truck Repo'd.

"I bought an s10 prerunner at the auction a few weeks ago and want to know more about it. Its a white 96' s10 extended cab 4.3 with a cst kit modified with King coilovers. The rear has a badcage with 2.5' prerun series kings. The interior is blue and grey tweed. If this was your truck, or you know who's truck this was, let me know. I have a few ?'s. Thanks "

"She's a real spark plug, about duece, duece and a quarter"


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sounds like dank fabrications????maybe just a guess.

midnight landscaper working overtime and I'm full throttle I'm full throttle tonight


What A Joke
Its not dank's his is linked and he still has his.

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