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Chenowth Magnum


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Yeah, but kind of not. It is a short wheelbase short course car that doesn't have the short course Magnum 5 link, and it definitely isn't a long wheelbase Desert Magnum. So was it a single seat class 9 chassis that they made into a short course car or was it a Chenowth 1000 chassis that got the magnum rear cage configuration?


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I've seen several of these chassis here in the Midwest most are 1600 cars. I had one that had a Chenowth S/N tag on it. Basically a Magnum Torsion car, the picture you have that car was raced in the Midwest by the Norris Team based in Michigan. If memory serves they raced in NCPS/SODA Series the predecessor to TORC/MWSCL.
It was great all around car that works well in either Short Course or longer events like we have in the Midwest (MAORA).


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The area code in the ad puts it in South Texas, near me! Anywhere from Del Rio to the Brownsville area along the border!