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Chevy 1500hd prerunner build


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Warning I'm new on here...

Hey everyone I have a 1500hd that I've been thinking about building into a daily driver prerunner for now. Eventually I'd like to make it a pure desert truck once I get another daily. I have a family so I want something with 4 doors for the kids.

My question is if it's even worth trying to build the truck. I don't have any fab skills so I'd have to find a shop. From my understanding this truck is basically a 2500 with all the heavy duty running gear. There aren't any off the shelf kits for the truck and everything would have to be custom made from what I've seen.

So has anyone out there built one of these trucks? Would I be better off finding a 1500 and building that instead?

Stock Mobbin

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if its a 4x4 you will have a hard time finding bolt on kits. don't go for the cheap kits as well. get quality parts and you wont have to spend twice the cash replacing a shoddy product. look up some builds on the same truck and see what others are using. may be more cost effective to get another two wheel drive Silverado with low miles maybe an older model for parts availability. definitely contact an off road fab shop and find the most viable option. check the classifieds for already built trucks and save close to 50% on good trucks. just make sure it was responsibly owned and not driven to the breaking point. welcome to race dezert.