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Chevy 2500 had LT kit


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Hey guys I have a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500hd and want to get a long travel kit for it. The problem I'm running in to is the 2500 has a torsion bar set up for the front suspension. Dose any one know of a 2500 LT kit for my truck or even better if I buy a 1500 LT kit will it fit my truck and work as long as I have it set up wil coil over and bypasses. If any one knows of something that work work hit me up. The biggest thing I want is a wide front end and a smooth ride!


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Cognito i believe makes a setup for your 2500.
Bigjim on here works for them he can tell ya.


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Theres only a few guys building long travel for the HD's. We have plenty of lift systems for the HD but nothing in the way of long travel.