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chevy 2500HD long travel?

bean dip

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doe's anybody make a long travel kit for the 2500HD chevy, if so is it any good. im thinking of running 37' tires and want LT kit for chase truck.:D


Chase truck... hmm... 2wd or 4wd? If you want to built a 4wd truck the front diff, axle shafts, hubs, are all going to need to be replaced (expensive) if you want a reliable long travel 2500HD running 37's. If you are willing to drive a timebomb you can run the factory stuff. Unless you've got mega bucks to build it right you might consider ditching the IFS and running a solid axle. You can get decent travel and reliability from a solid axle for far less than a full custom IFS system.




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isnt 2wd 2500 front end the same as the 1500?

i cant imagine it being any different you dont tow with yoru front a arms and stuff...
i know the rearend has a bigger rearend and all that mess but up front im thinkin its the same.. if ur only chasing u shoudlnt need a all out race kit.. a decent spindle lift and a smaller bypass and air bumps ..


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Not to contradict jeff...but I was told the PRO4 CORR guys all run a 2500hd front driveline. Granted, they change it out every round, but you can get the parts for decently cheap. A complete front axle shaft runs$100. I saw the fabtach kit, and it's REALLY nice. I put bilstein 5100's on mine, and 285 tires.

The other thing is steering. If you run anything over the factory pizza cutter tires, you have to upgrade it. I got the Cognito kit, and it does okay. I don't use mine for full chase duties, but it's the rescue and retrieval truck for our group in the desert.


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If you want something beatable, your only choice is goingto be custom. Like this http://jdfabrication.com/photos/SS/index.html

The outer CV's are plenty strong enough, the inners need replacing. So far now problem with the 934's.

After you fix the steering, the frame will start to flex. They are now fixing another Cheby buy cutting off the front of the frame.........


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Ill build you one Pm me and ill send you some pics of stuff i have built


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Does anyone know what JD fab did for axles on that 4wd kit? Are they custom, lengthened stockers or what?
Custom lengthened axles with stock outer CV and a 934 inner. The original set had 930 inners, but they only lasted a couple of trips. So far now problems at all with the 934's. They had the inner adapter plates machined locally and the axles were Swayaway or TCS, I can't remeber.......


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Light racing has a kit for this and it's pretty bulletproof. It's the one chosen by the Border patrol with bumpstops. Very good stuff and great off-roadability. But it's not too lifted. 35' for sure, 37's maybe.
If you're after the performance go with Light Racing. If your after a "look" anything else will do.



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I have built an Hd before also and I will say that you are better off going with a cst kit (dropdown 4wd/Spindle 2wd) and some good shocks and bump stops. I had nothing but problems with long travel sus. for these trucks, WAY TOO HEAVY. The frame was definitely not designed for a 7k lb truck to handle woops with no consequences. It can be done but be weary of the frame rails and the diesels are not easy to get tubes over the motor for proper trussing.


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Looking for someone to long travel my 04 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 2wd 6.0 (gas) if anyone knows of someone please let me know