Chikilines Racing Record Ensenada-San Felipe race report


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It goes back to december last year, a cold rainy day and half the course rained out. Myself and codriver Josh Lanoye were sitting in the car talking before the start, lets miss the puddles and try to stay dry. Needless to say it didn't happen, big muddy mess, car wouldn't run and we were down 20 minutes on the side of the course before we could run from Jamau to the goat trail in a car that would barely pull second gear. Car wouldn't run the second half of the race after borrego, Daniel Nunez and Tommi Hardy got it across the line in 4th place. All in all, awesome day in the desert for a bad day. What did we learn, we love mexico racing even more.

Fast forward to last friday morning. Josh and Tommi show up in the morning to hook up the trailer and load the chase truck. We make it to ensenada with no issues, hit up Horsepower ranch to shake the car down and let my newbie driver get behind the wheel for a couple laps to get the feel of the car. Great shakedown, go to load the car on the trailer, ramps brake. Thanks to pablo and jose at the ranch to help fix and weld up the ramps. Car on the trailer, back to hotel and tacos. Friday night Jeff Itschner and Brian Shaleen from fusion off road head down to mex to help chase. Thats the crew, 5 guys with 2 at a time in the car.

Saturday morning early to ojos, one of the best views in the world in cresting the last hill by the crocodile rock and seeing the ojos valley. Ok, butterflies are starting to kick in. Get the car ready and wait in line for the start. Tommi riding shotgun, we take off down the farm road, fun race, we catch a car before Tres hermanos, one going up the hill to el Alamo, and a truck on the road to the highway, a good 10 cars broken along the way. Splash fuel on the highway and then off to the second half, one more truck and a couple buggies passed and we hit jamau, goat trail and off to valle de trinidad for the drivers change. Awesome first half of the race, only issue was the dust and Tommi's intercom cutting out so he couldn't hear me, but luckily I could still hear him. A couple hand signals to let him know I could hear him and he called out everything like a pro.

Get out and relax, second car down the goat trail from an rear start with 11 cars in the class.

Hand the car off to Josh Lanoye with Tommi still in the passenger seat. They take off down the wash and I know they will get it to the finish. We head on down the road to chase them to the fuel splash and follow a police car to borrege. Decide a change of plans and splash before borrego knowing they can make it the rest of the way. Good thing we were stuck in the checkpoint line for what seems like an hour on the highway. Get thru the checkpoint and on the road to San Felipe. Trying on the radio to get and update of location. Nerves kicking in, we get to the arches and the radio is load and clear, almost too clear, no motor running, Tommi on the radio saying they are the first car in class to cross the finish line. Big thanks to Josh and Tommi for getting my baby across the finish line and putting here on the top of the podium. Brian and Jeff for the awesome chase work and finding me a pina colada!!!

Its our first win in this car and the first win for all the crew in Mexico. Great time and racing in mexico is awesome . . .

Chikilines Racing would like to thank:
Sun Diego RV
Fn Dynamics
Sergco's Sergio Nunez
Raceco and Jamie Campbell
Fusion Off Road
HB Powdercoat
Patricks Signs
TCM Motorsports and Wide Open Baja

Also like to thank Chikilines Crew:
Josh Lanoye
John Lanoye
Tommi Hardy
Sergio Nunez
Daniel Nunez
Andrew Rodriguez
Jose Arzate

Link to onboard until battery dies.


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Great times for shure. One more detail. This was also a car zac and his dad built before his passing. I would also add a first win for him also as he rodecalong all day. The RECORD race wasca blast. I would like to take the truck to this one next year.