Child Missing (Fontana area)


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Sep 17, 2001
This came to me via a Early Bronco ML and I'm going to post it here since alot of us are from the general area. I know Thom Cheney and he is great supporter of all things off road. Apologies if this is in-appropriate. Ham radio rules are suspendable in an emergency and I feel the same way about this sort of thing.

--- "T. Cheney" <> wrote:
> Sorry for the non-Bronco content. I'm not a huge
> fan of seeing these
> things, especially when the validity of the
> information is suspect. In this
> case, it is true. I know the Mom and I have met
> Jonathan.
> I don't know the details of the divorce, but I know
> the man was abusive to
> his wife. He did not have custody of his son, nor
> did he provide any money
> for his care. He did have some kind of visitation
> rights, and that was his
> opportunity to take his son and disappear.
> There was talk of him heading back to Guatemala, but
> with current security,
> it is doubtful he could leave the country. He is
> most likely in the LA
> area.
> Could you take a look at this URL and keep an eye
> open for this kid? his
> mother is pretty distraught, as you would expect.
> thanks!
> Thom in Portland


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