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China Rally


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Part of the Dakar Series...

Mostly Chinese drivers but Damen Jefferies is there in his buggy, also likely helping with a second Jefferies buggy that is entered. He finished 34th of 52 in the prologue which was won by...yes, by goodness...a Nissan!!

A number of South African built and supported Nissan Navaras running in the event and one of them beat DeVilliers and the Gazoo Hilux by 13 seconds in the prologue...I'll take the wins where I can get them (but this one carries a major grain of salt since the driver is a local who drives these dunes on a weekly basis and I'd be shocked, SHOCKED!, if there wasn't some sort of gentleman's agreement to let it win the prologue for the local fans..)

The Dakar Series China Rally is the new event joining the Dakar Series races

Short Bus

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Kind of related:

Uruguay, con Licio, se prepara para el Dakar

From a translation of the above article, it sounds like a Uraguayan team is working with Jeffries to build a car for the 2018 Dakar. They are at the China rally as a test of sorts. They are building the Uraguayan team a similar car to the ones Jefferies built for the Chinese team last year. Diego Licio is acting as the navigator in China to learn from Damen but I believe he will be the driver in Dakar.


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Damen is bummed as he has had to give up his car again!
Did his other client wreck the car again?

Oh, and look who won the 4th stage today? "Our" favorite Nissan! Back up to 2nd overall. Ginniel really having a tough navigation of this event. Lost again today...


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Do the chinese drivers have their own map men plotting a route through the dunes on the stages for this rally? (from high res sat photos)
Dakar Series China Rally stage 1 dunes

china stage 2 dunes

China stage 3 dunes

China Rally stage 4 big dunes, GDV slight loss of track

China Stage 5


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I'll point out that a Nissan won the event! GDV finished outside the top 10 as did the Nissan from South Africa that won 3 of the stages...virtually the entire top 5 of the event all hit the same gigantic rock on the same stage, tearing apart their vehicles and putting them all waaaaay back. Ma Hailong was the winner in a VQ40 powered Nissan Navara.

A second Nissan, this one a VQ50 from South Africa (the sister truck to the one that won 3 stages but crashed and finished down around 15th) finished 5th overall.