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Chinese F1 race cancelled..


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F1.com is reporting that the event is cancelled due to the Corona Beer outbreak....

Maybe they can move it to another date?


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Another location would probably be better. But that's just my guess.


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Cancelled? I read postponed


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You're right but let's see if they can get another date!


My favorite thing about the China race is when the smog is so bad that the Helos get grounded and qualifying gets postponed. That’s pretty impressive!

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If i was a lowely hospitality employee of racing point.... would i want to risk it? helllllllll noooooooo....

It cant be rescheduled/postponed.... worst case scenario, lets say they hold it in december. To do that, they would have to start planning, and making contractual obligations TODAY, if not sooner. Today we are still in uncertainty, I would'nt want to goto china....

Lets not forget, logistically F1 is huge. Could Ferrari or Mercedes field cars, semi last minute? Sure! Would they do so, for no additional money, just to race in china while dodging a deadly illness? doubtful.

Liberty did the obvious thing.


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F1 cars on Circuit de la Sarthe????