Chris German #8030 Goes Back to Back in Class 8000...Season VIDEO


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Can't wait to see where this team goes next. This truck deserves to star up front. We'll see what happens in 2017.


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like the rear suspension does that rear arm setup slide on the axle housing how does it work with the front links somewhere there has to be a slip joint


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Awesome team! Did he iron-man the parker 425 or split the driving with someone else?

Mark Murrell

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Nice recap of the season! This team was the first I had the privilege of hanging out with in the mid '80's when Don drove the single seat jeep. Cool to see Kitty II, and the team having fun!


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Congratulations guys on another great season!

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They announced on FB last night something BIG for 2017 and beyond. Good Luck Next Year German Family Racing!!