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On Saturday (4/23), Chris Hukill of Hukill Paint & Graphics was critically injured in a mountain bike accident in Laguna Beach. He fell over 200 feet into a gorge and suffered severe head, spinal and internal injuries. He has undergone several surgeries and the road to recovery will be very long.

Many of you in the off-road industry may not know Chris by name but his work is well-known by most. Chris worked at Cal Well's Precision Preparation Inc (PPI) running the Paint & Graphics department. He was responsible for laying down some of the most iconic Toyota liveries and paint schemes for both the off-road and open-wheel programs. Toyota's classic white / red / yellow / orange stripes found on Ivan's, Rod's, Steve and Robby's off-road & stadium trucks as well as the legendary "Molly" splash design used on the Toyota / PPI "015" Trophy Truck. Chris designed cars for the Pioneer & MCI Indy cars as well customers like the Arciero's, Panasonic and Telephonica. He also supported the Toyota Motorsports Pro / Celebrity cars used at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Most recently he had finished painting some of the vintage trucks that are running in the NORRA race this week. A link to his website is provided below.

hukill paint and graphics

A GoFundMe page has been established with more details and an option to donate to help offset the medical expenses that he will incur. Please feel free to donate or just leave him a message of encouragement as he heads down the long road of recovery.




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A good friend and praying for a full recovery. I always new he was a great guy but you really find out how well liked someone is when you see how many people show up to see him in times like this. I was at the hospital this morning and it was like a reunion of people there to see him that I had no idea he new. He is such a humble well liked guy and I really hope Hukill and I are back riding soon.

I would add Chris was also known for the more recent paint jobs of Rodger Normans trucks along with Riviera and the Red Bull VW TT