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Well its that time of year again and it is the first year I do not have a truck.. The bronco or Tahoe is gonna have to get a tree strapped to the roof... Damn.. Tried to talk to the wife into letting me buy a new truck this morning. But something about building the bronco and being in escrow on the new house, I didnt understand. :)


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LOL!!! You can borrow the crewcab if you'd like. Just pay me the $60 is gas for the trip to RSM and back to Berdoo. =)


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Carol says to buy a fake tree in a box. THAT will fit in the Bronco just fine. LOL!

(WOW! Do ya think she's on Jen's side?)

Merry Christmas!



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Hey Tony, how's that web site coming along? Didn't you tell me it was going to be up a little after Laughlin....2001? =)

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With building the Bronco and buying the house you can still afford the tree???????????? You must need to do more to the Bronco.

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It's STILL a "little" after Laughlin, and 2001 aint over YET!!!!!!
Damn tree is home. Talked her out of the $280 Noble fir and got the $130 Douglas instead.. She better keep this thing up until April.. Tell Carol that we need to talk next time I see her.. :) JCA, I have everything for the bronco.. Just need to get an appointment at a fabshop.. So all bases are covered and the tree was already budgeted in..


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You got a brand new house, and you can't do the fab work in the garage? Or are you doing all the wicked stuff that I usually start to salivate over? I can't even imagine buying a house is RSM, or OC for that matter....I can buy the house I am renting right now for about 140k, and it's 2400 sqft! I'm right by CSU San Berdoo though, but it's quiet, and I can weld all night long if I want! =)


Build it like a Rhino, and Leave it be.


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$160.00 for a tree????????? I better go into the Christmas tree business in California. Around here we go up in the mountains and cut our own or at worst 35.00 at the local tree lot...................


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We use cactus here in Parker!

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Well we had to go to the place with petting zoo, santa, music, lights etc and get the biggest 12-13 tree they had.. So I guess you get what you pay for... It is only once a year and my daughter is almost 3 and way into Christmas this year so its worth it..
John, you could have driven to Big Bear with the whole famn damily and cut one down for less than that!


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Damn! Yeah, tree lots will get you. But thats cool, its for the kids.........
Target has those cool aluminum trees for $40-50 bucks! (minor assembly required, and they're silver!!)
My sister was telling me about them, and I might just have to go get one.
Gabe, how tall are those puppies? My wife and I are debating on getting a fake tree or the real deal.


Gabe Lara

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Saw one last night at a friends house, and they're about 2-1/2 feet tall!
I'm gonna look for one tonight. I'll let you know what I find.