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Circuit Breakers

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the circuit breakers that are on the skunk works car? Price? Do they stand up to the punishment? Where can I get some? Thanks


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Call Mike Cohen at Race Ready in Chula Vista @ 619-691-9700. I know that he sell's them and can probably provide some info on them.


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Anchor Marine makes some that work like those at your house. West Marine carries them for about $17 each. Since I seem to have missed the link to the pic(s) I don't know what those in the Workz car look like to ID them.


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Yes circuit breakers work great! They are the only way to go.. Here is a good source to get them: Electronic Supply 1-800-622-3726. At least thats the contact info I was givien a while back. I have just never needed such parts since then. Hope this helps.