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City Park 6 hour

Power Monkey

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Ok so a few have inquired....so here ya go.

1st and 2nd place did achieve 12 laps last year. That's 78 miles with one pit for gas. Yes! As you can see from the distance achieved. Its a very hard loop.

No teams, laps are counted by honor system but someone will be at the time table to help.

Its free. Just a bunch of hard riders testing each other just like the old days.

Power Monkey

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Had the same environmental issues that we have had to deal with for decades percolate to the surface again. This all just all came up again in the last day or two. As innocuous as our ride would be, we felt it was best to not agitate during this sensitive time.

BTW its still a MFer of an ass kicking, world class hard enduro loop. Love that place!