Class 10 only


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Looks to me like the Weddle kit is a Kennedy flywheel with a center force pressure plate and clutch disk. I run the Kennedy flywheel with a Kennedy pressure plate and the center force clutch disk. I haven’t had any problems with it. Centerforce stuff is nice but can’t get them rebuilt. You should be able to get your Kennedy stuff rebuilt.
Thanks very much, that is exactly what I got, a Kennedy Pressure plate and a Centerforce Disc.


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Not to insert a seem less plug but if anyone is looking for a race ready fast front running class 10 let me know mine is for sale.


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June 5, 2021 - Lucerne Valley, CA


Weddle Industries Perfect 10 Challenge

  • $600 Per Entry Pay Back Purse for top 3 finishers (20 cars, $12,000 cash purse).
  • $3000 Weddle Bonus (Top Qualifier, Fast Lap, Mr. Consistent)
  • $2000 McKENZIE'S Bonus

  • Prizes awarded to top 10 in class and more...
  • Saturday morning qualifying
  • One of a kind Boone's Fab Trophies
  • Exclusive 239 Films race video

What you get with your entry fee ($1200):
  • Desert Course that caters to your prep and driving skills not horsepower.

  • Open prerun…no fee.

  • 2 Mile Desert Qualifying course…Saturday morning…no extra fee. Don’t have to take an extra day off of work to Qualify.

  • Driver gift bag: PCI Gear Bag, Weddle Swag, McKENZIE's Product, MORE Hoody, Sweet 16 T-Shirt, GG Lighting Product... ($300+ Value)

  • Live transparent timing. Lap times and position live online during the race.

  • Exclusive 239 Films Highlight Video

  • Custom Boone’s Fab trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Top Qualifier, and Fast Lap.

  • No payback bonus entry minimum.

  • Payback With 20 Entries: $18,000 Total Purse
    • 1st Place - $7800+$500 McKENZIE'S
    • 2nd Place - $3250+$500 McKENZIE'S
    • 3rd Place - $1950+$500 McKENZIE'S

      Additional Prizes:
    • 4th Place - Free Entry to next MORE race.

    • 5th Place - 239 Films short video edit

    • 6th Place - GG Lighting 20" LASER Light Bar

    • 7th Place - PCI Chase Radio Package

    • 8th Place - See Devil Lighting LED Balloon Light Kit

    • 9th Place - Fluid Flow Performance Fittings AN wrench set, AN adustable wrench, and aluminum vice jaws

    • 10th Place - $250 Sign Pros Certificate
    • Weddle Top Qualifier - $1000

    • Weddle Fast Lap - $1000

    • Weddle Finisher w/ Most Consistent Lap Times - $1000

    • Pro Eagle Perseverance Award - 2 Ton Pro Eagle Jack to one official finisher.

    • Last Official Finisher - $500 McKENZIE'S

    • One DNF Perfect 10 Challenge racer will win a pair of PCI Hand Held Radios in a random draw!