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Class 10 tire option

J-Buck Motorsports received the first set of Tri-Ace tires for the class 10 car just before the Baja 500. They are 35/10.50/15 purpose built racing tires. While we did not get to put them through a 500 mile test we had hoped for, the 250 miles we did use them for we were very pleased with the performance. They weigh right at 4.9 pounds heavier than the BFG 35/10.50/15, but have a much heavier sidewall. They have a little larger contact patch than the BFG's. We ran them on 4" Method's, but think they would be better on the 5 1/2" wheels. We have been running the Tri-Ace 37/17's on our trucks and have been really happy with them. They are going to be priced at $230 each when the shipment comes in mid July. They are shipping 33/10.50/15's and a preliminary run of 39/13.50/17's for Trophy Truck testing as well. Tri-Ace is looking for a couple teams that may want to test a set, and gain some outside feedback. Call or text, Rickie Gaunt 310-864-1435


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Out of curiosity .. where are these tires made ?

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Looking to develop a budget for the cost of tires over a race season. Has anyone tracked the average # of miles you get out of a race tire (running the likes of SNORE & MOORE)? I know there are a lot of factors to this equation but if you had to put an average....? Can you get multiple races out of a single tire (front & rear) if they are not damaged? How many sets do you carry to each race?



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Depends on the tire, Tri-ace and bfg you can get 2 races on the rear tires.Tri-ace holds up better than the bfg. Tensor your going to need to change tires every time you take fuel, 4 on the rear per race. I have run both Tri-ace and bfg. I prefer tri-ace. I got on the racer program for tensor, but after seeing how well they hold up. I couldn't afford to run tensor. Fronts you could run the season on 2 sets.