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Class 10 vs Class 12


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$200k ??o_Oo_O


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M.Tornel Jr

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You gotta remember there is also a lot of variability in price with the motor and trannie. If money is no problem you could spend close to 50k with the fortin trannies and danzio or redline motors.


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I love Class 12.
Good class if you want to go fast and run with the big dogs for way less coin than class 10.
You can be competitive with a 4 speed H pattern trans and Micro Stubs.
Biggest draw back is Cost to build & maintain the VW powerplant. Everyone knows if you need to take you engine in, if the builder says "it'll be ready next week" ...... you better triple it.
The events that ultimately lead to the near death of class 5 and 12.

I used to have a chenowth DR2 90's style 12 car. Never raced it but car was a blast to drive!!
Would love to pick another one up and do a shock/arm/trans upgrade and go race.