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Class 11 build, Type 2 stub axles in type 1 trans

I am building a class 11 and had a question about stub axles. I have a transmission out of a 71 bug with 4.12 ring and pinion. Will type 2 stubs slide into my transmission or do I need to just put type 2 flanges on my type 1 stubs? Does anyone use 930 cvs in class 11. Also how good of irs axles do I need, do I need high dollar 300m or not. Going to get the 300m torsion bars. I want stuff that will last, but don't want to spend unnecessary money. Thanks


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I had mine fabricated at shop in anaheim, machined off type 1 flange and welded and machined type2 flanges on.
Call Kartek or Mckenzies to get the latest info.
Get a type2 with close ratio 3rd and 4th, called a sandtrans you can still go faster up to about 85 mph and 5.38 gears