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Class 11 Comedy Fondue Video and the WSOB Championship, WTF?

Will you be racing?

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The Rooster

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WSOB CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE: CODE Mexicali to San Felipe Dec. 4-6. Prerunning opens one week after Baja 1000. Staying at the host hotels in Mexicali and San Felipe is highly recommended (see poster or website for details) as the rate is good and that's where tech and the finish line are. Race fuel will be available. No IRS required, entry fee is just under $500 total, race channel is Weatherman, tech friday afternoon in Mexicali, start early on Saturday, leave Sat. night if you have to or stay and enjoy the party for all Class 11 entrants and WSOB awards ceremony that CODE is hosting for us on Sunday at noon beachside with a free drink in hand. Our sponsor hotel rate is around $50-$60 per room and working on an even better rate for Sunday so you can sleep it off or make it a mini vacation. Don't worry, work will still be there on Tuesday smile emoticon

BIG NEWS: There will be an additional $1000 cash bonus to the OVERALL Class 11 winner (regardless of WSOB entry) provided by the vendors of contingency row including MAXTRAX (see poster for dollar amounts) there will also be a good purse (50% payout) that pays 1st - 3rd from an expected 20+ entries and bonus prizes from CODE vendors and a set of MAXTRAX up for all Class 11 entrants. Points for the WSOB series will be awarded on a 1.5x championship scale based on TOTAL number of Class 11 entries in the race regardless of WSOB count, just like all the other races. WSOB Prizes will be awarded at the CODE ceremony. The Mexicanos are happy to have us coming and also looking to beat us on their home turf, the course is tough and has some new sections, and it ends on the Malecon at a bargain priced beachfront hotel with a party and awards. Don't miss this chance to come race a true point to point Mexican Class 11 race with 20+ cars. See you there!

New Vid.



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^^^^^^What he said.

The cameo of Green787 at the end in his love bus was the cherry on top.