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I know this is a class 9 forum, but a lot of you are familiar with class 11. What is a good rack and pinion combo. Rack brand? Pump? THANKS!


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For a class 11? None. Regardless of the written rule, it is a violation of the intent of the real rules for class 11.If you are simply looking for a play car rack, if you can find Wright Place rack in good condition, they are fantastic, Saco Racks are good too. Try to stay away from the chinese copies.


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No need to upgrade to a rack and pinion steering system in a class 11. If you are breaking tie rods and stock steering boxes you are driving too hard. Class 11 isn’t about putting a stronger part on the car so it’ll hold up to your driving abuse, the intent of that class is to learn how to drive a mostly stock Vw sedan as fast as the stock parts will handle.

So, to answer your question, the stock steering box is the best “rack” for your 11 car.

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We run a Howe Power rack, with electric power steering to back it up in case the TT rack fails. For a pump we run the PS pump from 1972 GMC Top Kick, it puts up the most amount of PSI and makes it so we can steer with one finger. The only downfall is the pump is so big, we had to prop the decklid to make it fit. We also upgraded to full 4130 tie rods, and double shear heim joints.

Another upgrade to the 11 car you might like is, front disc brakes, but do like us, we did the Astro Van brake booster as well, that way we have power disc brakes! These little bugs are really hard to steer and don't like to stop.

Have you done any research on the new SCORE legal 1835 motors?

Let me know if you need any other tricks!


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Have they approved the ecotech yet? That and the 6spd sequential will really make them skip along...

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I too was a class 11 wanna be rules updater, then like a young Jedi I was schooled in the way of class 11 by King Dave and now live in peace with the force.

I do however have an obsession with the word Rack.