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Class 11 Shoot Out at Glen Helen


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The Rick Boyer “Class 11 shoot out” will be happening on July 17-18 at Glen Helen Raceway.

EMPI just threw $500 into the Bonus pot for this Class 11 shoot out at Glenn Helen on July 17&18. Land Rush start for both days.

The entry fee is $350 for two days of racing. Winner is the best total times from both days of racing. And of course there will be a side bet.. cause that’s how the Class 11’s roll.

MORE Racing and FORE racing are joining forces for this event. Racing Friday and Saturday will be announced by Dave Arnold . Dirt Sports Magazine will be Also be providing extensive coverage for this event.

The format will be Friday night bracket racing where multiple cars will race against each other and the winner will progress to the next level. The class 11’s will run at night on the short course Lucas Track. First thing Saturday morningClass 11’s will run the 4 Mile course around Glen Helen Raceway.

SNORE/MORE legal class 11 cars only.. if your in doubt if your Class 11 is legal, read the rule book. If your not legal then you can run with the open class of cars separate from the Class 11’s.

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