Class 11 showdown at 2021 KOH

jon coleman

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simple, have a ' featured ' class each year, Try to work with each promotor to try& not conflict, set a schedule a Year out, , this year its 11s, next 5-16, then maybe 1700 after that( there are' thousands 'of jeepspeed assigned numbers), the fields would be phat& showcase to public a specific class

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This it’s a class 11 thread right, here’s some action we got Racing the 1149

This was a fun race. I was wheeling Robert Johnson's #4701 Lightforce car and the back and forth was great. You had us in the fast sections and I picked up time in the rough. Good times!!!!!!
I am sure most of you already know but I did a quick write about what we know so far about 11 Cars racing KOH.

Rumors of trophy truck teams building 11 cars..... Herbst, Mason, Geiser, and Cops...